Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to Make a Burning Book

Ok, so I've been searching for more entertaining projects to share with you guys and I came across and really cool "magic" trick you'll be able to create by yourselves if you follow these simple steps. It's the burning book. This project really doesn't have to do with engineering but I thought it was in the neighborhood.

1. Get your materials: 
     - Glue
     - Thick Book
     - X-acto Knife
     - Scissors
     - Cheap Foil Pie Pan
     - Tissues
     - Lighter

2. This step is very tedious, but worth it in the end. You are now going to glue together every page of the book you are using, making sure the pages stay smooth and flat. 

3. Then, after the glue dries, cut a square hole through the pages of the book all the way to the back cover, but do not cut the back cover. Keep the front cover open during this process. Don't cut that either.

4. Next, bend apart the foil pan and cut it to the size of the height and width of the book and then bend it in and around the hole you made in the pages. Glue this down as well.

5. Then, take a more foil and line the inside of the front cover with it, once more gluing this down.

6. Finally, ball up a couple of tissues and put them inside of the foil hole inside of the book. Light the tissue on fire and close the cover.

7. Wow your family and friends by opening the book cover, revealing the flame inside, and making it look like a "burning book".

WARNINGS: Make sure the whole inside is lined with foil and no paper is exposed. Do not expose flame near clothes, hair or anything that could light on fire above it as well.

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